TYRES FITTED IN STORE- Yokohama 175/65r14 ES32 82h

TYRES FITTED IN STORE- Yokohama 175/65r14 ES32 82h

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Tyre Features

  • Orange Oil Tyre Technology Long Mileage + Wet grip + Fuel Efficient
  • Rolling ResistanceLower few consumption & decreased emissions
  • 5 Pitch Variation Low tyre & cabin noise
  • Strong ProfileDurable + Long Lasting

Fuel Efficient Driving

BluEarth Es ES32



BluEarth-Es ES32 provides a well-balanced package of the four core performance traits of any tyre - wet grip, wear resistance, durability and fuel efficiency.

Suitable for compact cars & family sedans the BluEarth-Es ES32 gives a quiet ride with reassuring grip on wet slippery roads. It features YOKOHAMA’s patented Orange Oil Technology making the tyre more flexible, which results in optimal contact area between tyre and road promoting even wear.