TYRES FITTED IN STORE- Yokohama Bluearth AE50 245/45r18 100w

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  • Wet Braking Performance Extreme Grip + Wet Steering Stability
  • Orange Oil Tyre Technology Long Mileage + Wet Grip + Fuel Efficiency
  • Block Rigidity Safe & Secure driving
  • Comfortable Ride Smaller pitch variation
  • Total Performance Strong wet & dry performance
  • BluEarth - A AE50 was developed in pursuit of driving pleasure. It combines exceptional manoeuvrability & comfort with fuel efficient performance. It is superb in the wet, reducing braking distance significantly whilst boasting quietness & grip for a high level of total
  • performance.

    The orange oil technology in Yokohama's high tech Nano Blend rubber compound adds grip at a micro level. As a result, Yokohama's fuel efficient eco tyres have the grip Yokohama is famous for.